Kristupo festivalis: GYPSY JAZZ

Kristupo festivalis: GYPSY JAZZ





Kristupo festivalis: GYPSY JAZZ

Vilnius, VGTU LinkMenų fabrike

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Guitar coryphaeus – Joscho Stephan

JOSCHO STEPHAN (solo guitar, Germany)

SEBASTIAN REIMANN (violin, Germany)

SVEN JUNGBECK (rhythm guitar, Germany)

STEFAN BERGER (double bass, Germany)

Even if you've read a hundred times just how wonderful Joscho Stephan is, you'll only really understand once you've seen him in concert. Come in, sit down and buckle up! A fast and furious ride into the world of gypsy jazz awaits...

Breath-taking technique (one only a handful of the most famous performers can boast of), inborn musicality and strong stage presence have earned this guitarist the recognition of both the public and music critics alike. Guitar grands, such as T. Emmanuel, S. Rosenberg and B. Lagréne, have gladly participated in recordings of Stephan's latest album Guitar Heroes.

The new coryphaeus of gypsy jazz, titled as the successor of Django Reinhardt himself, has extended the boundaries of this genre. He tastefully entwines elements of popular, classical and klezmer music into his explosive compositions, thus arriving at his own characteristic sound.


JOSCHO STEPHAN (solo gitara, Vokietija)

SEBASTIAN REIMANN (smuikas, Vokietija)

SVEN JUNGBECK (ritminė gitara, Vokietija)

STEFAN BERGER (kontrabosas, Vokietija)

Duration: 1 hours 20 min.

Door opens before: 30 min.

Persons under 7 years of age are not admitted.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Kristupo festivalis, Viešoji įstaiga.

More information: NO.

The organizer takes full responsibility for the event, the quality of the event, the content of the event and all the event information that has been given. Tiketa is a ticket distributor and it acts as a disclosed agent.


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