Musical comedy „Sweet charity“

Musical comedy „Sweet charity“


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“Sweet charity” is a world-known, popular musical with music by Cy Coleman, lyrics by Dorothy Fields and book by Neil Simon, that has enjoyed successes in both London and New York, as well as the big screen.

The original production was directed and choreographed for Broadway by Bob Fosse in 1966. The show has been revived on Broadway, in the West End and internationally numerous times during the last 50 years, with many famous actresses taking the central role of Charity Hope Valentine, such as Gwen Verdon (1966) Shirley MacLaine (1969), Debbie Allen (1986), Chita Rivera (1998), Christina Applegate (2005) and Tamzin Outhwaite (2009). The musical has been awarded several Tony awards (1966, 1986) and Drama Desk awards (1986, 2005).

Neil Simon’s book is based on Fellini’s screenplay for ‘Nights or Cabiria’ which follows the romantic toils of an optimistic dancer from a Times Square dance hall. Charity Hope Valentine is the eternal optimist, who literally wears her heart on her sleeve (tattoo), as she wends her way through a parade of men who treat her badly. Nonetheless, she always holds out hope - and she seems to have finally met a decent fellow in Oscar. Charity sings and dances through all of the ups and down in her path and strives not to loose hope in real love. In truth, it’s hard not to root for her because she genuinely deserves to be loved. It is a refined comedy, painting picturesquely the main stereotypes of today‘s society.

A young nontheless professional creative team - director Ramunas Cicenas, choreographer Agniete Lisickinaite and music director Modestas Jankunas, has been invited to stage a modern revival of the show in Vilnius.

Creative team:

●Director – Ramūnas Cicėnas

●Interpretor - Živilė Simeonidis, Kristina Radžiukynaitė

●Music arrangements – DJ Dave Nazza

●Music director – Modestas Jankūnas

●Choreographer – Agnietė Lisičkinaitė

●Set designer – Justas Grigaravičius

●Costume designer – Morta Nakaitė


●Charity Hope Valentine - Kristina Radžiukynaitė

●Nicky - Laura Rakauskaitė

●Helen - Gintarė Šmigelskytė,

●Oscar - Tomas Žaibus

●VittorioVidal - Justinas Lapatinskas/ Tadas Juodsnukis

●Herman/ daddy Brubeck - Artūras Dubaka


●Dovilė Keršytė

●Liucija Nanartavičiūtė

●Agnė Levickaitė

●Diana Gružauskaitė

●Justinas Stanislovaitis

● Zigmantas Baranauskas

● Petras Daunys

Music - DJ Dave Nazza

Musical is based on the script of the movie "Nights of Cabiria" by Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli ir Ennio Flaiano. It has been presented according to the license agreement with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc., 560 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10022.

Language of the show: Lithuanian

Any video/ audio recordings are prohibited.


Kompozit. C. Coleman

Dramaturg. N. Simon

Libr. autorius D. Fields

Rež. R. Cicėnas

Vert. Ž. Simeonidis

K. Radžiukynaitė

Muz. vadovas M. Jankūnas

Chor. A. Lisičkinaitė

Duration: 2 hours

Door opens before: 1 hours

Persons under 14 years of age are not admitted.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Žaidimų teatras, VšĮ.

More information: NO.

Controller of personal data: TIKETA, as the controller of your personal data, would submit your personal data (name, surname, information on the purchased tickets, e-mail address) to the Organizer of the Event, as the controller of the data, who would process your personal data on the basis of implementation of the contract and for such purposes. For more information, please contact the Organizer of the Event by referring to the contact details given above.
The event organiser assumes full responsibility for the event, its performance, non-performance, quality, content, information on the event and any other circumstances related to the event. TIKETA provides the event organiser with a ticket distribution service and is not responsible for the event and its performance. TIKETA acts as an uncovered intermediary.


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