EuroBasket 2011 Fan Club rules
EuroBasket 2011 Fan Club Rules 24 January 2011
EuroBasket 2011 Fan Club (EBFC) - the community that offers to its members discounts, special offers and other benefits.
Registration Form - the form prepared by Tiketa and submitted by the person who would like to become an EBFC member.
Fee - the fee charged by Tiketa or partners of Tiketa (FIBA Europe & the Lithuanian Basketball Federation) and paid by the EBFC member for EBFC membership and the possibility to take advantage of the EBFC membership benefits.
Tiketa - Tiketa UAB, legal person code 300037717, legal address: Ozo g. 14, LT-08200 Vilnius, Lithuania.

Section I
1.1. The member of the EBFC must be over 16 years old and have a mobile phone number and an e-mail address. He/She must have paid the Fee and properly filled and submitted the Registration Form to Tiketa and received a confirmation from Tiketa.
1.2. The data is entered into a computer system and the EBFC membership is activated in the time period indicated in paragraph 1.3 of the present Rules. By filling and signing the Registration Form, the EBFC member agrees that his/her personal data will be managed according to the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, 1996, Nr. 63-1479; 2008, No. 22-804).
1.3. The time period for EBFC membership activation:
  • • If the Registration Form is submitted online or in the following box-offices of Tiketa: Akropolis Shopping Centres in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, and Šiauliai, Siemens Arena, Cido Arena and Šiauliai Arena, Shopping centre Europa, the membership is activated immediately after the fee is paid;
1.4. EBFC membership benefits are only available after the Registration Form is properly filled, submitted and confirmed and the Fee is paid.

Section II
2.1. EBFC Rules are applicable to all EBFC members. The EBFC members undertake to fulfil the obligations provided in the present Rules as well as other obligations announced publicly and applicable to EBFC members, ticket buyers, and/or event visitors. All EBFC members, who meet the conditions of the Rules, are allowed to participate in the campaigns of Tiketa and/or Tiketa partners, organised specifically for EBFC members and announced in Tiketa’s points of sale, other locations of Tiketa and partners of Tiketa, the Tiketa website, and other websites of Tiketa and partners of Tiketa.
2.2. A person is only recognised as a EBFC member after he/she has been assigned his/her personal EBFC membership number (the EBFC membership number corresponds to the mobile phone number indicated in the Registration Form or e-mail address).
2.3. Tiketa reserves the right to change the Rules at any time, and the changes shall come into effect after they are announced on the Tiketa website Tiketa reserves the right to terminate EBFC activity by notifying EBFC members by telephone (indicated in the Registration Form) and/or e-mail (indicated in the Registration Form). The partners of Tiketa shall also have the right to notify about changes in the EBFC Rules and termination of EBFC activity.
2.4. Questions related to the membership are solved by contacting Tiketa administration in writing or by telephone. If a EBFC member is inquiring concerning the safety of personal data or other issues that cannot be immediately solved by Tiketa staff, the staff will take all appropriate measures and inform the EBFC member of the expected time for solving the question.
2.5. If a EBFC member has any questions or claims, he/she can inquire by e-mail:, tel. (+370 5) 219 5634, or regular mail to: UAB Tiketa, Ukmerges st. 283 B, LT-06313 Vilnius, Lithuania.

3.1. EBFC membership is valid until 31 December 2011 and will end automatically. The membership will become effective only after paying the membership Fee.
3.2. Membership in the EBFC can be terminated by submitting a cancelation in written form. After the membership in EBFC is terminated, the membership is automatically blocked, but the member can express his/her willingness to remain a member of other loyalty clubs administrated by Tiketa. If the membership is terminated, the Fee is not refunded.
3.3. The participation in the EBFC is automatically terminated and the EBFC membership is suspended (blocked), if a EBFC member fails to meet the requirements of these Rules, to pay the membership Fee, to observe the Rules applicable to the events Tiketa sells tickets to, and/or when Tiketa and partners of Tiketa terminate or suspend the activity of EBFC. In any case of the above mentioned, the Fee paid by the EBFC member will not be refunded.