ASTRID (Directed by I. Paliulytė)

ASTRID (Directed by I. Paliulytė)





ASTRID (Directed by I. Paliulytė)

Kaunas, Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

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Do you remember Pippi Longstocking, Lillebror, his buddy Karlsson-on-the-Roof and Emil of Lönneberga? These are absolutely the most joyful characters from your childhood! But do we really know who created them? The Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. Inesa Paliulytė, a well-known director of children’s plays and an actress invites you to meet the famous Swedish writer. Inspired by Astrid’s incredible works and an extraordinary personality, Inesa Paliulytė wrote a play where not only Astrid and her best characters are playing but also Astrid’s parents, grandparents and friends.


Childhood is not age, but a state of mind. A. Lindgren


A play for children aged 5+


The Main Stage


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Liucija Zorūbaitė

Inesa Paliulytė

Sigitas Šidlauskas

Daiva Rudokaitė

Egidijus Stancikas

Henrikas Savickis

Liucija Rukšnaitytė

Milė Šablauskaitė

Nijolė Ona Lepeškaitė

Audronė Paškonytė

Saulius Čiučelis

Taip pat vaidina teatro mokyklėlės auklėtiniai

Duration: 2 hours 20 min., with intermission.

Door opens before: 45 min.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Nacionalinis Kauno dramos teatras

More information: National Kaunas Drama Theatre; 8 37 22 40 64.

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