AURA31: Premiere „Loss / Far away from home“

AURA31: Premiere „Loss / Far away from home“


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International Dance Festival AURA 31


(Lithuania, Belgium)


Choreography: Karine Ponties

Dramaturg and light designer: Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin

Costume designer: Kristina Cyziute Svirskiene

Dancers: Ester Bega, Ludovico Murgia, Heung Won Lee, Julija Mintauté, Kris Dao Nicholls, Natsuho Matsumoto, Marine Fernandez, Pepe Jaimes

Coproduction Dame de Pic asbl

Supported Lithuania Council for Culture

Thanks to Anne Nicolle, Nerina Cocchi et Vilma Piltrinaite

Premiere: 2021 m.

Duration: 50 min. 

The first human beings were nomads. Will also the last? LOSS / HOME FAR AWAY FROM HOME offers shelter to eight beings whose road follows loss and oblivion. Here is the home where the ephemeral sharing of their origins, their paths, happen. Here occurs that moment when every part of the world appears as a stitch of humanity. These beings gift themselves the solace of an excess of joy, while taking care of a community in which they are illegal passengers. Remembering as a form of encounter, forgetting a form of freedom. They are fugitives from elsewhere, and will soon be on their way again, leaving traces on which others will come to dance. But, for today, they are here.  

This piece with Aura Dance Theatre allows me to explore this company's dancers' explosive energy and to channel their youthful and organic force in a singular and unique language. 

I am not looking for spectacular, I conduct a rigorous research on the infinitesimally small, the fragility that leads to a collective work composed of attuned individualities. 


They are eight on stage, each hailing from one country, Mexico, Australia, France, Italy, Lithuania, Japan, Albania, Korea.

Interpreters from different cultures, with sensitivities at odds. Throughout my artistic collaborations with partners across Europe, Africa, Russia and Asia, I have always succeeded in bringing a rich approach to collective work by encouraging each dancer to interrogate their culture and language, their unique grasp of meaning and history, in order to become permeable and find their own writing. 


Weaving connections by working with individuals, each of whom contains their own unique animal-like writing, and attempts to handle already existing languages: sounds, words, gestures, colors, excesses of the world bursting in. Raw materials to transform. 


Living beings able to remember to forget in order to live together, translate, and re-write the world within. 



AURA Dance Theatre is the theatre, which promotes the expression of contemporary dance in Lithuania. Dance studio Aura, which was established on Birutė Letukaitė initiative in 1980, was registered as Kaunas City Theatre in 1995 and is directed by the prominent chorographer up till present. During the years of its existence, the theatre created and shaped the face of Lithuanian contemporary dance and trained a great number of professional dancers who are well-known worldwide. 

AURA is constantly working on various international projects, cooperates with foreign and Lithuanian choreographers and artists of various fields. AURA represents Lithuanian contemporary dance in abroad and constantly shares innovative ideas with the dance world. International dance festival “Aura”, which is being organised in Kaunas for 26 years, has eventually become an integral part of Kaunas city culture.


Karine Ponties

Artistic director of Dame de Pic, choreographer, performer, Karine Ponties has created forty dance pieces for the company with among others Every Direction Is North (Awarded Golden Mask for the best contemporary dance performance in Russia), Holeulone (best dance performance in French-speaking Belgium) and Brutalis (SACD Prize). Her work is characterised by a flair for the absurd, exploring intimacy and interlacing relationships. Former dancer of Kaunas Dance Theater Aura Vilma Pitrinaitė has danced in Karine Ponties' performances.


Choreografija: Karine Ponties

Dramaturgija ir šviesų dizainas:

Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin

Kostiumų dizainas: Kristina Čyžiūtė

Koprodukcija: šokio trupė „Dame de Pic“

Finansuoja: Lietuvos kultūros taryba

Padėka: Anne`ai Nicolle`ei, Nerinai Cocchi ir Vilmai Piltrinaitei

Šokėjai: Ester Bega, Ludovico Murgia, Heung won Lee, Julija Mintautė, Kris Dao Nicholls, Natsuho Matsumoto, Marine Fernandez, Pepe Jaimes

Duration: 50 min.

Door opens before: 10 min.

Persons under 7 years of age are not admitted.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Kauno šokio teatras „Aura“

More information: Tel.: +37061424277.

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