GameOn - video game culture show

GameOn - video game culture show


Event has passed.

Pre-sale to "GameOn 2016" for those who bought tickets to the event "GameOn 2015" starts at 06/06 2:00 pm. Look for you unique pre-sale code in your e-mail.

Public tickets sales to "GameOn 2016" starts at 06/08 10:00 am.

In 2015 Lithuania was struck by an amazing event. Video game culture show GameOn took place in Vilnius. More than 7000 video game enthusiasts and curious visitors stormed the venue. But GameOn 2015 was just the beginning and the event organizers promise, that GameOn 2016 will be BIGGER and BETTER!

During the event visitors will also be able to see not one, but two video game conferences. One of them will cover topics of gaming, parenting, education and entertainment. The other, on the other hand, will gather video game developers and those who wish to make their own game.

GameOn 2016 will have even MORE eSports for eSports enthusiasts. eSport dedicated part of the event will summon professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive players from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Poland to fight for GameOn Baltics Cup. The cup will also be accompanied by a dedicated League of Legends tournament.

Among all this you will also be able to visit Indie Games Village with Lithuanian game developers, cheer for your favorite cosplayer in a cosplay competition, and find all sorts of video game culture surprises!

GameOn 2016 will be held on October 29th-30th in Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Duration: 16 hours

Door opens before: 5 min.

Free entrance for children: YES (under 3 years old).

Permission to take photos, record: YES.

Organizer: TeleSoftas, UAB.

More information: NO.

Controller of personal data: TIKETA, as the controller of your personal data, would submit your personal data (name, surname, information on the purchased tickets, e-mail address) to the Organizer of the Event, as the controller of the data, who would process your personal data on the basis of implementation of the contract and for such purposes. For more information, please contact the Organizer of the Event by referring to the contact details given above.
The event organiser assumes full responsibility for the event, its performance, non-performance, quality, content, information on the event and any other circumstances related to the event. TIKETA provides the event organiser with a ticket distribution service and is not responsible for the event and its performance. TIKETA acts as an uncovered intermediary.


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