KITOKS'18 | international festival for children and youth

KITOKS'18 | international festival for children and youth


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International festival for young audience KITOKS

10th -17th of January, 2018

10 (Wednesday) 12.00

Z+ | AIROS dance theater (Lithuania)

dance performance for youth, duration 40‘

Black Hall

idea and choreography Agnietė Lisičkinaitė | performers: Sigita Juraškaitė, Greta Grinevičiūtė, Airida Gudaitė | music composer and performer GON (Žygimantas Gudelis) | light designer Julius Kuršis | scenographer Guoda Jaruševičiūtė | costume designer Rūta Kyguolytė | producer Airos dance teater

11 (Thursday) 10.00 and 12.00

MILE(S)TONES | Zonzo compagnie (Belgium)

Interactive jazz performance, for 6-10 years old viewers, durtion 50‘

Black Hall

composer Miles Davis | performers: Fulco Ottervanger, Simon Segers, player Bert Bernaerts | production of Zonzo Compagnie in coproduction with vzw De Beren, Centro Cultural de Belém (PT), Arts Centre De Werf, Arts Centre Rataplan and Jeugd & Muziek.

In MILE(S)TONES, a percussionist, a pianist and a trumpet player guide you into the fascinating world of the legendary American jazz composer and trumpet player Miles Davis. His adventurous, innovative approach to music is the production's starting point, leading you into a labyrinth of ever-changing spaces and moods. One moment, you may find yourself in the vibrant creativity of a recording studio, or on stage as one of the musicians; the next moment, you're creating a live soundtrack to a movie or you're in the celebrated musician's painting studio.

In MILE(S)TONES, you will experience the endless, fantastic possibilities of improvised music through the compositions of Miles Davis, with Fulco Ottervanger, Simon Segers, and trumpet player Bert Bernaerts, members of the Ghent jazz ensemble De Beren Gieren, as the ideal guides.


“I found Mile(s)tones really engaging, interesting and intelligent. I had a great time watching the kids being part of it. Your musicians are fab and the entire show really rocks.”

Paulo Rodrigues – artistic director Musica Teatral (Portugal)

“It's a performance that really invites you to be a part of it, and also with no taboos or fear in experimenting. The interactions are so interesting that you know that you can't fail because everything that you might do is really adding something to the performance and you can't make anything wrong. And then you have this balance between the interactive parts and the performance parts that are really catching and allow you to enjoy the music and the musicians in two different ways.”

Rita Gracio – Concertos para bebés (Portugal)

“Regarding Mile(s)tones, what can I say ? I loved it so much ! I listen to a lot of jazz, maybe it´s what I love the most, but strangely I never was a big fan of Miles Davis. But even if I´m not a child I´ll surely listen to him in another way after seeing your show. It was amazing to see the kids reaction to all this complexity, you reached to create all these different kinds of atmospheres, happiness, anxiety, deep loneliness, and the kids where there with you in every second !”

Alessandra Costa – Projeto Guri - Sao Paulo (Brazil)

12 (Friday) 10.00 and 18.00

TIERRA EFIMERA | Collectivo Terron (Spain)

for 7-13 years old children, duration 45’

Black Hall

Cast: Guillermo Manzo, Miguel García Carabia, Marie Neichel | Directed by: Núria Àlvarez Coll, Miguel García Carabias | Construction and props: Júlia del Barco Carreras, Alba Pawlowsky Ferret, Núria Àlvarez Coll | Executive producer: Colectivo Terrón | International management: Obsidiana, artist accompaniment | With the collaboration of: La Petite Roulotte | With the support of: Cap Berriat, Tierractual, CRAterre

TERRA EFIMERA Earth, the material that surrounds us, is the subject of this performance. Through a big screen, earth and water are shown in different states. The lighting will emphasize its colours and textures, meanwhile the shadows will take the lead of the performance. The space is controlled by the instantaneous creation. Paintings and landscapes in scene are created and disintegrated. Music maintains the movements in harmony during the performance, creating a personal and poetic atmosphere, submerging the public in an imaginary world where the first image is never what it seems.

THE COMPANY Terron Company is constituted by Miguel Garcia and Nuria Alvarez in 2009. After two years of working together, they discover Earth as a material.

13 (Saturday) 10.00, 11.00 and 14.00

FATHER AND THE SEA | Klaipėdos lėlių teatras (Lithuania)

lights and music experience for 4-8 years old children, duration 35’

Pocket Hall

Performance for children based on ‘Moominpappa at Sea’ by Tove Jansson

Created by Gintarė Radvilavičiūtė, Renata Kutaitė, Monika Mikalauskaitė, Vytautas Leistrumas, Tomas Mikalauskas, Karolis Vaičiulis

Light and a cello. Shadow and a cello. Reflection and a cello. These are the means to tell the story about a family who decides to leave their native valley and sets on a journey to Father’s Island. Having settled in different environment, they try to start a new life.

Everything is happening beyond reality, it is a dream or a fantasy where light and slow motion reminds you of walking in the sand. The father is happy as if he had all the island in his huge hands. This island is an entire world which is not at all too big. The world is full of strangest things. But only for those who notice them.

It is a story about a father. What is his role in the family? How is he? What is he doing? What is he dreaming of? It is said that it is the mother who keeps all the corners of the house. And what about father? Well, he keeps the entire sea in his hands…

Our intention was to tell the story about the father and his world through the means of light, shadow, reflection, and music. Or maybe even not to tell, but to feel.

This show is for all the children from 2 years old to the infinity and above. For all those souls who are able to notice strange things, to have feelings. For those who were used to sitting cosy in a corner of the room observing the darkness and the light making shadows dance.

Why cello? People say its music heals the wounds.

13 (Saturday) 12.00 and 15.00

WORLD IMAGES | Theatre Madam Bach (Denmark)

for2-6 years old children, duration 30’

Black Hall

actors: Pernille Bach andChristian Schrøder | instructions Thom Browning | scenography consultant Claus Helbo | designers: Sonya Gardner, Bente Horne Steenbock, Tanja Eijgendaal | tailors Bente Horne Stenbock and Ina Vishart

'World Images' is theatre for children that will take audiences a journey of discovery. From the rhythms of the city where underground trains make rails sing, to white salt desserts that dry everything up. From ants that march as the the rain drops drip, to northern lights dancing in the sky.

Through a melding of installation, sound scapes, live music, projection, and performance, 'World Images' creates for children a rich world of atmospheres and landscapes, sharing momentary glimpses of places that exist on this incredible planet we call home.

14 (Sunday) 11.00

TWINKLES | Dansema dance theatre (Lithuania)

interactive dance performance for 0-2 years old children, duration 40'

Black Hall

choreographer Birutė Banevičiūtė | creative team: Mantas Stabačinskas, Marius Pinigis, Andrius Stakelė, Gleb Hollander | Dansema Dance Theater

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky – says the song. What if little star twinkles on the ground or inside of curious babies, discovering world and themselves. The dance performance „Twinkles“ is full of various shining objects which motivate young audience together with dancers to explore light on stage.

14 (Sunday) 10.00 and 14.00

WEALTH OF SOLOMON | Stalo teatras (Lithuania)

interactive performance for 6-9 years old children, duration 45’

Pocket Hall

created by: Saulė Degutytė, Snieguolė Dikčiūtė, Saulius Čėpla, Kristina Mauruševičiūtė, Edita Zizaitė, Artūras Varnas, Ligita Skukauskaitė

Wealth of Solomon is an interactive performance with a paradoxical idea – you will only be rich when you give all you have to others. Using object theater tools and kinetic sand actors tell three Jewish tales accompanied by live violin music and an original stringed instrument created by Paulius Juodišis. All the characters, made and animated in front of spectator‘s eyes, travel through the dessert, cross the seas, feast on freshly baked pies, die and resurrect.

15 (Monday) 12.00 and 18.00

TRASHedy | Performing Group (Germany)

For 12-17 years old children, duration 50’

Black Hall

Performed by: Marie-Lena Kaiser & Constantin Hochkeppel | Concept & Directed by: Leandro Kees | Developed by: Leandro Kees, Daniel Mathéus, Martin Rascher | Dramaturgy: Daniel Mathéus, Leandro Kees | Sound Composition & Video: Martin Rascher | Dramaturgical Assistance: Julia Mota Carvalho | Drawings: Leandro Kees | Music: Bon Iver, Jamie Woon, Ja Panik, Edd Kalehoff, Tom Jobim, Martin Rascher | Management: Martin Rascher | Special Thanks to: Alexander Thun | Produced by Performing Group and tanzhaus nrw

How many plastic cups do we use in the course of our life?

Two performers explore the story of our peculiar evolution and dig into the complexity of the topic “ecological intelligence”. Along the way, they keep raising new questions and find a steadily growing pile of trash. Using a mix of animated drawings, dance and sound scapes, TRASHedy takes an honest and humorous look at our freedom of choice and consumerism. Because everything we do has an influence. Somewhere.

TRASHedy was performed more than 130 times in the past 3 years and has been presented in

Germany, India, France, Japan, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungary,

Luxemburg, Austria, China and Korea.


„ … without a doubt an captivating contemporary production for young audience, that takes a cheerful yet interrogative look at our complex world.“

- from the jury’s statement at Westwind Festival

"…incredibly close to reality..." –

Kölner Stadtanzeiger 2014

"Performing Group manages to deal with the topic of consumerism and environmental protection with outstanding subtle humor…"

- Amelie Mallmann, Augenblick Mal, 2015

17 (Wednesday) 10.00, 12.00 and 18.00

PRIMO | Alfredo Zinola company (GERMANRY)

Underwater performance for 2-5 years old children, duration 40’

Black Hall

from and with: Alfredo Zinola and Felipe González | Music: Colorist | Light: Marek Lamprecht | In co-production with: SCHAUBUDE Theater Berlin, fabrik Potsdam in frame of the Artists-in-Residence program, Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani ONLUS Torino, Barnes Crossing Köln, Theaterlabor Bielefeld e.V.

PRIMO is an unusual performance of underwater contemporary dance, set in a large pool on stage. Sitting in front of the numerous windows, the small audience discovers the underwater scenes and observes actions that become miraculously touching. You can see feet, arms, hands, and legs appear and walk among strange creatures, you see two people who find each other in a game that is playful, affectionate, and powerful. Zinola and González play with water, the primordial source of life, making an enjoyable theatrical connection between themselves and their small audience. A game takes place above and below the water’s surface, which explores the relationship between the liquid element and movement, investigating in an artistic way the narrative potential of the liquid space.

PRIMO stimulates sensory memories in adults and children: associations are formed for anyone watching with being suspended, with the slide into the water, even with the fears, all feelings associated with this great substance. The boundaries between inside and outside, between action and reaction fade, leaving space for a unique atmosphere, which provides a comforting sense of wholeness, and at the same time communicates an idea of primary vitality. The swimming pool is invaded by light and sound, creating a unique universe which challenges the perception of child and adult alike, leaving plenty of space for the associative involvement of everybody.

The show has been carried out with the support of Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., Kunststiftung NRW and Small size, big citizens - Widening of the European Network for the diffusion of the performing arts for early years


“It’s hard to think of a more challenging audience to make performance for than toddlers, which makes Primo only more impressive … a piece of genuine art.”

SUNDAY MORNING HERALD MELBOURNE Cameron Woohead, 16 October 2014

“Primo is a standout hit…Alfredo Zinola and Felipe González’s act of graceful movement, floating and splashing through water is, genuinely, a celebration of the human form.”

THE GUARDIAN Van Badham, 18 October 2014

“Primo is an astonishing piece of performance installation…a bold vision for the potential of contemporary art for young children.”

Thom Browning (AU) 03/2013

An experience out of the ordinary!

Que (BE) 10/2013

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More information: NO.

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