Comic strip opera „α” (“Alpha”)

Comic strip opera „α” (“Alpha”)


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Saturday, 9 February 2019, 6:00 p.m.

Black Hall of the Arts Printing House (Šiltadaržio Str. 6)

Comic strip opera “α” (“Alpha”)


“Alpha” is an opera which boldly addresses some of the major social and cultural issues and challenges, viewed both in personal and historical contexts, that people face in the world today, such as gender performance, minority politics, and the decline of grand narratives. The jarring combination of two seemingly distant genres – opera and comics – provides an extravagant backdrop for a story of love and murder with the distinctly strong female protagonist.

The story is a variation on the tragic fate of Federico García Lorca, one of the most famous Spanish poets and playwrights of the twentieth century. In “Alpha”, Isabel García Lorca, Federico‘s sister, returns to Spain after many years spent in emigration to solve the mystery surrounding her brother‘s death. Although circumstances of Federico’s death remain blurred, his burial place is thought to be located in the vicinity of Alfacar, a little town in Andalusia. The knowledge of the truth is laden with guilt that is trapped in the wheel of time, which constantly brings us back to the beginning and thus becomes an ‘omega-less alpha.’

Stage director, production and costume designer Dr. GoraParasit (Gintarė Minelgaitė)

Composer Albertas Navickas

Librettist Gabrielė Labanauskaitė

Video artist and stage designer Oskaras Gudas

Illustrator Edvinas Špetas

Sculptor Donatas Repeika

Lighting designer Povilas Laurinaitis

Sound director Ignas Juzokas


Performers: Nora Petročenko (mezzo-soprano), Nerijus Masevičius (bass-baritone), Ieva Savickaitė (actress), Pranas Kentra (el. guitar), Agnė Rimgailaitė (accordion), Monika Zenkevičiūtė (live electronics)


Part I

Isabel receives a letter from Juan, Lorca’s ex-lover, written before his death. Juan warns her that the person who denounced Lorca to the then government knows where Lorca’s grave is, the location of which has been kept in secret.

Part II

Isabel flies to Spain to meet Luis, a close friend of Lorca’s, to learn the truth. It turns out that Luis and Isabel once had romantic feelings for each other, and now, when they meet, these feelings come back. Luis, at whose home Lorca was hiding before his arrest, says that he overheard the killers speaking about where they were planning to kill Lorca, which means that it is the place where Lorca was buried. Luis has kept silence for a long time as they threatened to kill him as well.

Part III

Luis shows Isabel’s her brother’s grave, and Isabel understands much more than just tragic vicissitudes that happened earlier in Spain.

Composer Albertas Navickas:

In devising the score for Alpha, I wished to express my admiration for flamenco melodies and repetitive structures of minimalist music. The opera’s rhythmic texture consists of two layers collated by the principle of contrast: the constant, rhythmic pulse versus the ‘hovering’ high-frequency ringing, as if giving voice to the uneasy silence.

Stage director, production and costume designer Dr. GoraParasit:

Not only it is an opera – it is a ‘comic-strip opera’ about a female superhero who is fighting both supernatural and earthly demons, about her trials and struggles in the world. To me, Alpha resembles a set of pages – a comic book. Alpha is MEGA-feminine.

Première: April 20, 2018, Arts Printing House, Vilnius, 7th Contemporary Opera Festival NOA (New Opera Action).

Supporter: Lithuanian Council for Culture


Režisierė, scenos ir kostiumų dizainerė GoraParasit (Gintarė Minelgaitė)

Kompozitorius Albertas Navickas

Libreto autorė Gabrielė Labanauskaitė

Video menininkas ir scenos dizaineris Oskaras Gudas

Iliustratorius Edvinas Špetas

Skulptorius Donatas Repeika

Atlikėjai: Nora Petročenko (mecosopranas), Nerijus Masevičius (bosas-baritonas), Ieva Savickaitė (aktorė), Pranas Kentra (el. gitara), Agnė Rimgailaitė (akordeonas), Monika Zenkevičiūtė (elektronika)

Duration: 50 min., No intermission.

Door opens before: 10 min.

Persons under 14 years of age are not admitted.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO (Photo and video prohibited).

Organizer: Operomanija, VšĮ.

More information: NO.

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