Kristupo festivalis: BASI: DIFFERENTLY

Kristupo festivalis: BASI: DIFFERENTLY


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An exclusive acoustic performance


Crazy about rock'n'roll, and fans of the Lithuanian language, they like to dream, encourage others to think, and appeal for their rebellious souls and stage charisma – they are Basi (lit. Barefoot).

Especially for the Christopher Festival, the barefoot crew have prepared an exclusive acoustic program that is sure to reveal these guys' lyrical side. Besides their already well-known and loved songs, we'll get to hear completely new pieces.

Incidentally, you won't need to mourn over the last moments of summer, as the group's members are seriously ready to make you dance. Perhaps even barefoot... after all, the Botanical Gardens are just the place for that sort of thing.


Program features original songs by Basi: Kitas aš (The Other Me), Rojus į kairę (Heaven on the Left), Niekas nevyksta veltui (Nothing Happens for Nothing), and more.


Children under seven years of age who do not require a separate seat are admitted free of charge.

Tickets can be purchased at all Tiketa counters or online at Tickets can also be purchased one hour before the concert at the venue on the day of the event.

IMPORTANT! The concert will go ahead outside under any weather conditions. In case of rain, please have an umbrella or waterproof clothing.

Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Tickets can only be refunded if the concert is cancelled.


Grupė BASI:



TOMAS CHVEDUK (mušamieji)


EDVARDAS MIKULIS (klavišiniai)

Duration: 1 hours 20 min.

Door opens before: 30 min.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Muzikinis žadintuvas, Viešoji įstaiga.

More information: undefined

Controller of personal data: TIKETA, as the controller of your personal data, would submit your personal data (name, surname, information on the purchased tickets, e-mail address) to the Organizer of the Event, as the controller of the data, who would process your personal data on the basis of implementation of the contract and for such purposes. For more information, please contact the Organizer of the Event by referring to the contact details given above.
The event organiser assumes full responsibility for the event, its performance, non-performance, quality, content, information on the event and any other circumstances related to the event. TIKETA provides the event organiser with a ticket distribution service and is not responsible for the event and its performance. TIKETA acts as an uncovered intermediary.


Tiketa plius


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