Kristupo festivalis: Ekskursija „Po Šv. Kotrynos bažnyčios apylinkes“

Kristupo festivalis: Ekskursija „Po Šv. Kotrynos bažnyčios apylinkes“


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The Christopher Summer Festival was one of the first to reveal the architecture of Vilnius to the capital's residents and guests, organising its concerts in courtyards, squares and churches where none of the arts had ever set foot before.

And this year, it invites you to refamiliarise yourself with the spaces where the sounds of music may be heard, together with the founder of “Streets Alive” and best Vilnius city guide title-holder (2016), Albertas Kazlauskas!

• Excursion: “The surrounds of St Catherine's Church”.

• Meeting point: St Catherine's Church (main entrance, 30 Vilniaus St)

• About the excursion. If we were to go back several centuries, we would be walking along the fringes of Vilnius city. Indeed, the city wall went right near St Catherine's Church, and even though most of it is long gone, during this excursion we'll be able to touch parts of the surviving walls and locate the former Vilija Gate. In a pleasant, Renaissance courtyard we'll learn about the legacy of the Radziwills in Vilnius, discuss the influential Vilnius Baroque school with J. Ch. Glaubitz at its fore, and take a look at those small details which reveal the different layers of Vilnius' history in the St Catherine's Church courtyard.

• Duration: approx. 90 min.

No discounts apply.

• Important information. Excursion participants can receive a 15% discount for tickets to that evening's Christopher Summer Festival concert (15.07 “10 FACES OF THE TRUMPET” (22.08 TEN LITHUANIANS: To receive this discount, kindly contact

Excursion tickets must be purchased in advance - they shall not be sold at the meeting point.

Excursions will be in Lithuanian. For excursions in English, please contact

We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before the start of the excursion to meet the guide and get ready for the fun that awaits.

Don't forget a bottle of water, comfortable clothing and shoes, and a good mood!



Duration: 1 hours 30 min.

Door opens before: 30 min.

Persons under 1 years of age are not admitted.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Muzikinis žadintuvas, Viešoji įstaiga.

More information: NO.

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The event organiser assumes full responsibility for the event, its performance, non-performance, quality, content, information on the event and any other circumstances related to the event. NACIONALINIS BILIETŲ PLATINTOJAS provides the event organiser with a ticket distribution service and is not responsible for the event and its performance. NACIONALINIS BILIETŲ PLATINTOJAS acts as an uncovered intermediary.


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