Lithuanian Latvian rally championship Žemaitija

Lithuanian Latvian rally championship Žemaitija


Event has passed.

17 of June will start the first and perhaps the biggest rally Fiesta this year in Lithuania - "Rally

Žemaitija 2016". This year is a joint Lithuanian and Latvian Rally Championship Stage. This year the rally

waits hefty transformation,which will raise the race to a qualitatively new level, so this race boldly pretends to

the very serious status of Lithuanian rally.

Last year "Rally Žemaitija 2015" Stage from other phases was distinguished by particularly large sports

intrigue. It was the fourth of the seven national championship rounds. Although all classifications leaders were

clear, but none of the crews could not boast of a safe lead - any error or technical fad was able prevent reach

the finish line, and to flip upside down all in the standings. Spectators could watch the best sportsmen fights

without any "math" and calculations for the guaranteed minimum of points.

Indeed "Rally Žemaitija" action evolved as a sharp thriller. Each of the rally leaders won a few of

special stages, but who will winthe main trophy revealed only after the last stage finish. For two days the pace

dictated by Martynas Samsonas place on the podium gave way in the penultimate SS - broke down his

"MISTUBISHI EVO IX engine. However, it was only the beginning of surprises: after the regrettable M.

Samson's failure to win, in the eighth SS aquired an eight-second lead, and the as rally leader has become R.

Čapkauskas. However, the last 17 km special stage Ramunas overcame only the fourth, and clicking the

accelerator Latvian racer Janis Vorobjovs managed to lean back 12 seconds and in 2 seconds to overtake the

2014 Lithuanian Rally Champion. It was the surest nectar for rally fans.

It should be noted that it is precisely in this region does not exist headache for the rally masters, how

will change the track condition during rally time. Relief and peculiarities of the soil ensures that even the

crews, who are below in the start order, can enjoy the no rutted roads, and almost all speed stages are driven on

once. Place of the start wherever possible, is selected on the asphalt road surface, so easy to start equally to all,

and one axle cars has no problem for the "quattro monsters" damaged road.

Returning to Service park cars visited in mobile car wash, which was fitted next to the service area,

where for everyone was equally comfortable and spacious. As the gourmet "dish" was night speed stage of

midsummer, which was planned so that the crews could to compete on equal terms, in complete darkness,

avoiding complicated driving in the twilight zone.

It was carried live race broadcast from Zemaitijos rally special stages Delfi.TV channel - action in

the race commented Wellman Rally Team co-driver Ramunas Šaučikovas and manager of events Nerijus

Staniulis gave an excellent lesson for sportsmen, how best to use opportunity to present themselves to the


Duration: 48 hours

Free entrance for children: YES (under 14 years old).

Permission to take photos, record: YES.

Organizer: Kelmės automobilių sporto klubas, Asociacija.

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