„Musica Nuda“ (Italy) / Festival closing concert  / „TheATRIUM „ 2020

„Musica Nuda“ (Italy) / Festival closing concert / „TheATRIUM „ 2020


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The unconventional duo “Musica Nuda” was born from the accidental meeting of Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti. In 2003 Petra and Ferruccio met in band called Avion Travel, where she was a singer and he played double-bass. Petra Magoni was about to embark on a mini tour of small clubs in her native Tuscany, accompanied on guitar by a friend. But on debut day, the guitarist fell ill. Rather than cancelling the date, Petra asked Ferruccio if he felt like sitting in instead, and he promptly accepted.

The gig was such a success that in a matter of a few weeks the two members of this brand new voice’n’bass combo put together a full repertoire, picking the songs they loved the most, and in a single day they recorded their first album, “Musica Nuda”. “Musica Nuda” spontaneously became the name of their project and of the band itself. The chemistry between them was perfectly obvious, but neither Petra nor Ferruccio could ever imagine the achievements that were to come in such a short time: hundreds of performances in Italy and abroad, prestigious awards, recognition from fans and the media, TV appearances and radio broadcasts.

Over a span of 17 years, Petra and Ferruccio have held over 1.400 concerts, produced eight studio albums, three live albums, and a DVD.

Two years ago, “Musica Nuda” visited Lithuania for the first time and participated in TheATRIUM festival. Back then, they not only fascinated our audience and made us fall in love with them, but were impressed with our festival, our audience, and Klaipėda themselves. This time, they are coming with their brand new program which includes exclusive interpretations of Puccini’s “Turandot.”

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Ferruccio Spinetti

Petra Magoni

Duration: 1 hours 15 min.

Door opens before: 1 hours

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: BĮ Klaipėdos dramos teatras

More information: NO.

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UAB „TIKETA“ informuoja, kad atsižvelgiant į 2020-02-26 šalyje paskelbtą ekstremalią situaciją dėl koronaviruso (COVID-19) plitimo grėsmės bei į su tuo susijusius valstybės institucijų bei pareigūnų priimtus sprendimus, nuo 2020 m. rugsėjo 1 d. bilietų į renginius pirkėjai bus registruojami, papildomai renkant šiuos asmens duomenis: vardą, pavardę, telefono numerį, nuolatinės gyvenamosios vietos adresą. Asmens duomenų rinkimo tikslas - COVID-19 ligos (koronaviruso infekcijos) profilaktikos ir kontrolės priemonių įgyvendinimas. Asmens duomenų saugojimo terminas – ne ilgiau kaip 21 diena po renginio, į kurį buvo pirkti bilietai, įvykimo dienos. Įsigydamas bilietus, bilietų pirkėjas patvirtina, jog sutinka kad jo asmens duomenys būtų tvarkomi nurodytu tikslu bei sutinka, kad minėti asmens duomenys gali būti perduoti:
  1. Renginio, į kurį bilietai buvo pirkti, organizatoriui;
  2. Nacionaliniam visuomenės sveikatos centrui prie Sveikatos apsaugos ministerijos.


Tiketa plius


Graikas Zorba

Graikas Zorba

  • Klaipėda, ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI, Klaipėdos m. kultūros centras, Taikos pr. 70
  • Rugsėjo 25 d., 19:00 val.
  • Duration: 2 val.
Iki pasiūlymo pabaigos:
0 d. 6 val. 17 min.
6,00 € 10,00 €


  • Vilnius, COZY by Siemens arena
  • Rugsėjo 26 d., 19:00 val.
  • Duration: 4 val.
Iki pasiūlymo pabaigos:
0 d. 9 val. 51 min.
14,00 € 20,00 €
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