New Baltic Dance'19: Momentum (Germany)

New Baltic Dance'19: Momentum (Germany)


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CocoonDance (Germany)

4th of May, 6 pm, Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre

6th of May, 6 pm, Anykščiai Culture Center

7th of May, 7 pm, Arts Printing House, Black Hall

By and with: Alvaro Esteban, Werner Nigg, András Déri

Choreography, direction: Rafaële Giovanola

Music: Franco Mento | Light design, set: Marc Brodeur | Parkour workshop: Frédéric Voeffray | Choreographic assistance: Fa-Hsuan Chen | Dramaturgy: Rainald Endraß | Management: Mechtild Tellmann \ Photos by: Klaus Fröhlich and Fa-Hsuan Chen

Coproduction: Theater im Ballsaal Bonn, Malévoz Quartier Culturel, Théâtre du Crochetan Monthey (CH)

Funded by: Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bundesstadt Bonn, Théâtre-ProVS, Le Conseil de la Culture Etat du Valais, La Loterie Romande

Premiere: 2016 / Duration: 45'

In Momentum three dancers take themselves to the very edge of their physical limits driven by DJ Franco Mento’s pulsating live beats. United by rhythm and speed, lighting effects and frenzied sounds, their movements unleash a hypnotic source of energy that seems to connect them seamlessly with the audience in a shared and ever-intensifying kinesthetic experience.

Based on a research on parkour, a sport that takes every obstacle in a given space as an occasion for new possibilities in movement, Momentum plays with the magnetic fascination that derives from the opportunity to lose oneself in the moment and the impulse of movement, allowing physical perception in the here and now.

CocoonDance was founded by choreographer Rafaële Giovanola and dramaturg Rainald Endraß in 2000. Swiss-born Giovanola was a soloist in Turin before being brought to the Frankfurt Ballett by William Forsythe for the duration of eight years. After this, she worked with Pavel Mikuláštik’s Choreographisches Theater, with Bonn as the last station. Since 2000, CocoonDance has been producing and performing in the independent Theater im Ballsaal in Bonn; since the season 2004/05 the company also is curating the dance program and is responsible for organization and financing of the theatre.

CocoonDance has established itself as a dance-arts institution with an extensive network not only within the artistic world, but also in the field of cultural education. The engine of CocoonDance’s 15 years of artistic development is improvisation and ensemble work, democratic structures and a tremendously constant teamwork. CocoonDance, who has been for years “consistently experimenting with new narrative techniques, artistic methods for contemporary dance“ (Westdeutsche Zeitung) are touring on five continents by now and have been awarded numerous prizes, as well in the field of art education.


Choreografija, režisūra: Rafaele Giovanola

Duration: 45 min.

Door opens before: 75 hours 10 min.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Lietuvos šokio informacijos centras, VšĮ.

More information: +370 5 204 0835.

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Vilniaus RYTAS - Klaipėdos NEPTŪNAS

Vilniaus RYTAS - Klaipėdos NEPTŪNAS

  • Vilnius, RYTO krepšinio arena
  • Gegužės 24 d., 18:50 val.
  • Duration: 2 val.
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