ONLINE: Spektaklis „O Viešpatie, Lietuva!“

ONLINE: Spektaklis „O Viešpatie, Lietuva!“


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Staged using the motifs of the tale “A Small Town in the Tobacco Box” by Vladimir Odojevskij


Playwright Nijolė Indriūnaitė

Director and stage designer Julija Skuratova

Director educator Rimantas Driežis

Composer Irmantas Jankaitis


Cast: Almira Grybauskaitė

Irmantas Jankaitis

Deivis Sarapinas


Boy: Mom, could we talk, please?

Mother: Now? No, I can’t.

Ask your Dad.

Boy: Dad, let’s have a talk.

Father: Oh, no! Actually, I am falling behind.

Boy: I wonder what Mom was like

when she did not sew?

And what was Dad like

when he was not in a hurry?

But, after all, they could get each other then…



Surely the parents are very busy: Mother is chained to the sewing-machine and Father to his typewriter. A small Boy riding a bicycle is longing for warmth and attention. Cheerless and miserable atmosphere prevails at home. What has happened? Why can’t parents understand each other? Can it be due to the fact that the musical box, which used to play in Father’s and Mother’s youth, when they still loved each other, and everything was much better and brighter, has fallen silent?

Having left his always busy and quarrelling parents, the boy goes on his bike along the labyrinths of the musical box willing to find out where the blame lies for this deplorable situation. On his way, he meets the bells that cannot ring without hammers, the hammers that cannot make a rhythmical beat without a somewhere lost roller and finally the roller that cannot revolve without a spring that is corroded by rust.

The Boy gets all, so needed by each other, reconciled. The old tune is sounding again.

Warmth and peace fill the house, and love and joy come back again.



Stage designer Julija Skuratova, a debutante in staging, creates a spellbinding little world breathing with nostalgia of the past by resorting to old, time- and hand-polished articles. This is a tiny world, where every little screw or spring has its own history and character. In the very eyes of the spectator, ancient cases are transformed into the characters of the future story.


Duration of the performance: 40 minutes.

Opening night: 8 January 2005





Imantas PRECAS




Duration: 1 hours 15 min., No.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Vilniaus teatras LĖLĖ

More information: Theater "Lėlė"

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