William Shakespeare „Macbeth“

William Shakespeare „Macbeth“


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Adapted and directed by: Paata Tsikolia

Composer: Tamar Putkaradze

Scenography: Artūras Šimonis

Choreographer: Indrė Puišytė

Assistant director: Alma Purvinytė

Lithuanian translation: Irena Kupčinskienė

English translation: Keti Grdelidze

Georgian Translation: Manana Antadze

Premiere: 19 March 2020

Macbeth is a story of a loss – a loss of love, of faith, of peace and power. The world in Macbeth is the world of manipulation and deceit. In such a world traps are set for those young and ambitious trying to succeed. For those, who are equipped with all the right qualities but still fall victim to their own inexperience, ignorance and hidden structures of power in the world around them.

A violent world where truth is manipulated and even love is turned into an instrument of struggle for power is a world of Macbeth and a world of today and it is becoming ever more indifferent to single human tragedy in ever more innovative and cunning ways. It is an empty world where everyone is doomed to loneliness.

In this dark and scary world power is the only currency and everything else including love, truth and kindness is corrupted by it.

Macbeth is a tragic story of fallen heroes who could have been stars but failed and faced their demise as victims of the apathetic powers of their times.


Andra Kavaliauskaitė

Vaidas Praspaliauskas

Jonas Gaižauskas

Erika Jasinskaitė–Salickienė

Vincas Vaičiulis

Eglė Juškaitė

Ona Gudaitytė

Eglė Kordiukovaitė

Eugenijus Rakauskas

Tomas Pukys

Povilas Adomaitis

Duration: 2 hours, su pertrauka.

Door opens before: 30 min.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Alytaus miesto teatras, BĮ

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