Dance performance „The blind spot“

Dance performance „The blind spot“


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Idea / choreography – Vytis Jankauskas

Dance – Giedrė Kirkilytė, Rūta Butkus

Video projections – „Le Fou"

Costumes – Jolanda Imbrasienė

Lights – Povilas Laurinaitis

Music – Raime, Tindersticks, G. H., Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld

Duration – 45 min.

Premiere - November 27th, December 18th, 19:00 val.

Blind spot is a medical term used to describe a spot in human eye which makes a certain area in our sight invisible, but our imagination fills it in unconsciously by using the details of the surroundings.

The creators of the performance are asking how often do we create such spots that in turn form our view and understanding of the reality, where we only see what we want to, and the aspects of life that are unwanted are eliminated from our vision. As well as how such own-created images of the world influence us and our relation to each other.

Vytis Jankauskas: „It‘s the twelfth play of our theatre. It is different because the main ideas are communicated not only through dancers’ physical interaction but also by collision of their sight and points of views. This is accomplished by using visualisations that re-transmit the views seen by the dancers at real time. Conflict emerges when the realty is replaced with phantasmagoria, some sort of surreal sights of unknown origin – is it just a flick of imagination, or is it something we did not notice, maybe even chose not to see.“

Vytis Jankauskas Dance Company was founded in 1997. In 2008, the Company was given the status of professional dance theatre. In 18 years this Company has established itself as a phenomenon in Lithuanian contemporary dance scene. Its performances are a consistent exploration of accurate, clean and expressive language of movement. The Company received two Golden Stage Cross awards: dance performance „The Drowned Valley“ was awarded for the best choreography of 2003, and second Lithuanian highest award for theatre excellence went to Vytis Jankauskas as the best choreographer for his work „Vigil“ in 2008.


Idėja, choreografija – Vytis Jankauskas

Šokis - Giedrė Kirkilytė

Rūta Butkus

Vaizdo projekcijos – Le Fou

Kostiumai – Jolanda Imbrasienė

Šviesos – Povilas Laurinaitis

Muzika – Raime


G. H.

Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld

Duration: 45 min.

Door opens before: 15 min.

Free entrance for children: NO.

Permission to take photos, record: NO.

Organizer: Vyčio Jankausko šokio teatras, Viešoji įstaiga.

More information: NO.

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