BeLive Festival

BeLive Festival


Renginys jau įvyko.

Become a part of the first in Ukraine unique multicultural festival BELIVE!

BELIVE 2018 is a mega festival from the creators of the famous "Ulichnaya Eda" and "White Nights" festivals. It’s 4 days of the most popular city entertainments: music, street food, stand-up, cinema, blogging, art, street sport, children's entertainment and many more. Eminent curators are responsible for each direction. For example, Andrey Shabanov stand for stand-ups, – for cinema, Katya Taylor – for art and so on.


This part is the biggest one. There are 3 scenes at once. The first scene is for world idols, the second – for Ukrainian artists, and on the third one is for electronic musicians.

The first headliner of the main scene, Jamiroquai, is the legend of the British jazz funk, the owner of the Grammy and a huge number of music fan hearts all over the world. At BELIVE Jamiroquai presents his new album "Automaton" and plays his favorite hits.

Also there will be an indie rock band Everything Everything at the festival. This British tornado made from eccentric vocal and hard rhythms is highly valued by both listeners and musical critics. Everything Everything will perform your favorite hits and tracks from their new mini-album "A Deeper Sea".

Provocative MOZGI, legendary LYAPIS-98 and many other world and Ukrainian musicians: Laud, The Erised, Royce, Indytronics, Mountain Breeze, Kazka, Tulim, Very the Jery, Wavy Dem, Schastlivie Ludi, Alina Pash, Braii, LAYAH, LATEXFAUNA, Advokaty, Dilema, Open Kids, Agon – they all will became a part of BELIVE along with you. As well as the incredible Secret Guest, who is to be announced on June 1.


We selected the best of the best participants of all festivals of Ulichnaya Eda in Kyiv. They can surprise you. Get ready for both proven hits and new masterpieces of Ukrainian, American, Mexican, Indian, Korean, Italian, French and many other cuisines of the world.


It's just 4 days of hysteria unbelievably good stand-up shows of different formats from different countries and in different languages.

The most famous expressive-dominant stand-up show women of Ukraine Natalia Garipova, the best in Belarus Stand-Up Union and the unavoidable danger of all Odessa mommies Dmitry Romanov are waiting for you. Also the country's largest Stand-up Marathon, young and fearless comedians on Open Microphone and all the coolest residents of Ukrainian stand-up clubs.


This BELIVE direction is supervised by Port creative hub team and Katja Taylor, a cultural projects manager and an expert in contemporary art. The theme is Urban Sculpture. Famous and talented artists Zhanna Kadyrova, Anna Naduda, Anton Logov, Daniel Galkin, Stepan Ryabchenko and others will take part in it. Some of the sculptures will be created especially for the festival. Other works will be shown in a new context.


This area will be interesting for those who are fond of online content or have their favorite bloggers or who wants to start his or her own career on the Internet. Guests of the festival will be able to learn how to make content, as well as get acquainted, ask questions and make a selfie with the most popular bloggers of Ukraine.


Parkour, vert aggression, skateboarding, BMX on ramp and flatland – if you know all these words, you must be here. If you do not know them, you must be here even more. Cos only here you can be acquainted with the most interesting mass sport cultures of the city, take a look at the ambitious stunts and get inspired with the coolest riders and stunters.


The youngest visitors will have an excellent opportunity to learn a lot of occupations in the city of professions KidsWill. LEGO-zone, FUN-Time, exciting contests, dances and many other interesting things in the company of favorite heroes are waiting for them.

And all this is just the top of the iceberg in the sea of entertainments. Don’t miss it.


Renginio trukmė: 81 val. 45 min., 2 pertrauko po 30 min.

Durys atidaromos iki renginio likus: 1 min.

Vaikai įleidžiami nemokamai: NE.

Leidžiama fotografuoti, filmuoti: NE.

Renginio organizatorius: BELIVE, LLC.

Daugiau informacijos:

Asmens duomenų valdytojas: TIKETA, kaip Jūsų asmens duomenų valdytojas pateiks Jūsų asmens duomenis (vardą, pavardę, informaciją apie įsigytus bilietus, el. pašto adresą) Renginio organizatoriui, kaip duomenų valdytojui, kuris tvarkys Jūsų asmens duomenis sutarties vykdymo pagrindu ir tikslu. Daugiau informacijos aukščiau nurodytais Renginio organizatoriaus kontaktais.
Renginio organizatorius prisiima visišką atsakomybę dėl renginio, jo kokybės, turinio ir pateikiamos informacijos apie jį. Tiketa yra bilietų platintojas ir veikia kaip atsiskleidęs tarpininkas.


Tiketa plius


Vilniaus RYTO rungtynės: LKL: Vilniaus RYTAS - Alytaus DZŪKIJA

Vilniaus RYTO rungtynės: LKL: Vilniaus RYTAS - Alytaus DZŪKIJA

  • Vilnius, RYTO krepšinio arena
  • Gruodžio 15 d., 17:00 val.
  • Trukmė: 2 val.
Iki pasiūlymo pabaigos:
35 d. 6 val. 19 min.
3,60 € 6,00 €
Domo Emigrantes

Domo Emigrantes

  • Marijampolė, Marijampolės miesto kultūros centras
  • Gruodžio 15 d., 17:00 val.
  • Trukmė: 1 val. 20 min.
Iki pasiūlymo pabaigos:
212 d. 12 val. 47 min.
6,00 € 10,00 €
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