Privacy policy

Privacy policy


1. What does this Privacy policy mean?
This privacy policy (hereinafter – Privacy policy) describes the main rules of personal data management and conditions, which should be adhered to by all of the visitors of the following Websites: (hereinafter – Website ), by all of the users of TIKETA mobile app, which can be downloaded from the “Apple App Store” and “Google play” (hereinafter – App), by the persons receiving services from the private limited liability company NACIONALINIS BILIETŲ PLATINTOJAS (hereinafter – TIKETA), persons who have made active actions at the TIKETA social media accounts, by persons accepting to receive TIKETA marketing materials, candidates participating in TIKETA recruiting selections and by persons, participating in the actions and filmings, organized by TIKETA (hereinafter – Clients).
It is being considered, that the Client familiarizes with the Privacy policy and expresses his consent to adhere to the Privacy policy by visiting the Website, downloading the App, purchasing a service, visiting TIKETA social network accounts, agrees to receive TIKETA direct marketing messages, applies for a position at the TIKETA, visits events, where the tickets are distributed by TIKETA, executes active actions at the TIKETA social network accounts or participates in the actions and filmings, organized by TIKETA.

2. About TIKETA
Private limited liability company „Nacionalinis bilietų platintojas“ and her brand TIKETA, legal person’s code 302598528, headquarters located at Bokšto g. 10-12, Vilnius, LT-01126, data about the company is collected and kept at the Register of legal entities of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius branch. Contacts for questions related to personal data: e-mail - tel. No. +370 618 07 405. Personal data officer: Mart Eensalu (contacts:

What is considered personal data?
All and any information collected by TIKETA regarding its Clients, which can be used to determine the Client’s identity and is protected electronically or in any other way.
Personal data includes all and any information, including the name, surname, address, IP address, e-mail, telephone number, date of birth of the Client, which is collected by TIKETA for the purposes, specified in this Privacy policy or a separate Client’s consent or an agreement with TIKETA.
This data also includes the personal data of the Clients available in the public domain, with which the TIKETA familiarizes whenever the Client contacts TIKETA via social media or after executing active actions at the TIKETA social media measure accounts.

3. How TIKETA collects and uses the personal data of its Clients
TIKETA needs the personal data of the Clients, which can be collected according to the methods described below. We specify in the Privacy policy what is to be expected when TIKETA collects personal data regarding:

  • Persons, who are using TIKETA services or buys TIKETA distributed goods/services;
  • TIKETA club members;
  • Persons, who agree to receive TIKETA marketing materials;
  • Persons, who have contacted TIKETA;
  • Internet Website visitors;
  • Persons, who are using the App;
  • Social media measure users, who address TIKETA in any way through the TIKETA accounts in social media or participate in them by their active actions;
  • Persons, who participate in events, the tickets to which are sold by TIKETA;
  • Employee candidates;
  • Persons, who participate in TIKETA actions, filmings.

4. Personal data, which is managed while providing services

The purpose of data management

Managed personal data

Data management period

Data management substantiation

Provision of goods or services, conclusion and implementation of an agreement.

Person’s name, surname, e-mail address, date of birth, residential place (address), telephone number, billing details (bank account number, etc.), VAT invoice details, information regarding completed, rejected or unsuccessful payments, cards, which may be the basis for a discount, number and type.

10 years after the conclusion of the agreement for the data confirming the conclusion of the agreement and information related to the conclusion of the agreement, as well as accountancy documents.
5 years for all other information.


Provision of services, usage of the App

Device profile data (device ID, used for “Push down notifications”)

5 years


User service, registration and identification.

E-mail, date of birth, residential place (Address), name and surname, as well as a telephone number.

5 years from the day of last connection.

Agreement implementation

Customer service, provision of personalized features, service quality improvement

The account was created and login history, Ticket purchase and usage history, social network links, loyalty club links, corporate links (if provided by the user), history of user's gaming using the App, history of the user's acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

5 years from the date of the last login.



5.Direct marketing
Direct marketing is limited to persons who are 14 years of age or older. We will use means of electronic communications (electronic mail, SMS messages, etc.) to send offers regarding TIKETA’s provided service or offered goods, newsletters and other advertising materials, as well as request the opinion regarding provided services, inform of TIKETA news and the order of service provision to the persons, who have provided their contact data and expressed the desire to receive information on the goods and (or) services proposed by the TIKETA. You will also be sent news from managed by TIKETA, as well as from news from other portals managed by TIKETA.
TIKETA will manage following data belonging to you for the purpose of direct marketing: name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address (this data is mandatory, since we will not be able to send you direct marketing messages without it); date of birth; data, confirming the right to participate in advertising actions, documents supporting the completion of advertising actions (mandatory when participating in actions); address, sex, marital status, workplace, number of children (data provided at will).
Your data will be used for the purposes of direct marketing during 5 years from the receipt of your consent.
In case you are an active Client of ours and did not express any objections regarding the receipt of TIKETA direct marketing messages, we will send you messages regarding the goods or services, which are similar to the services provided to you or the goods you purchase. In this case, your data, collected for direct marketing, shall be kept 3 years after the purchase of goods or services.
You have the right to refuse to receive direct marketing messages at any time, by contacting us by the following e-mail:
Your e-mail address and telephone number are provided to the social media network “Instagram”, “Facebook”, and other platforms managed by “Facebook”, so that you would be shown TIKETA advertising.
You can also receive/see our advertising information in some telephone applications (App, Viber and others), as well as see our advertising in the Google network and other platforms, which you connect with your telephone number or e-mail by yourself.

6. Contact us
The Website contains a couple of ways of contacting TIKETA. We receive, review and reply to all of the messages by ourselves. If you would contact us by e-mail, we will manage your following data: your name, surname, e-mail address and the text of correspondence.
Such data will be managed in order to prepare for the implementation of the agreement or to reply to the questions, which are important to you.
Please, take notice, that e-mail supervision or blocking software may be used and you are obliged to ensure that the letters you send are free from illegal content.
Correspondence is kept for 1 year from the receipt of the message, with the exception of information, which has other periods of keeping, specified in the Privacy policy or legal acts.
If you have contacted us by telephone, the call will be recorded if you provide your consent. In case you disagree with the call being recorded, we ask of you to use other methods of communication. Calls are recorded in order to ensure high-quality consulting of the Clients and an objective examination of complaints. Your following data is recorded during a call record: telephone number you used to make the call and the telephone conversation record. Such information is kept for 30 days and is deleted afterwards.
All of the personal data, which you provide during your communication with us, is used only for purposes stated above and to review messages, as well as to administrate and manage communication flows. We undertake to refrain from using your personal data in any publications, in a way that might reveal your identity, without your clear consent.
Please take notice that we might need to contact you via mail, e-mail or telephone. Please immediately inform us in case your personal data has changed.

7. Website visitors
Any persons who are 14 years of age or older can register at the Website. All of the information, which you provide TIKETA by becoming registered Clients, will be held and stored according to the Client’s consent and the conditions of the Privacy policy.
If, in our substantiated opinion, you have breached any of the provisions of our Privacy policy, we have the right to block the Client’s account at any time. If you know or suspect that an unacquainted person has your registration name (electronic mail address) and (or) password, you must notify as by e-mail as soon as possible:

7.1. Cookies
A cookie is a small file made up of letters and digits, which we are writing in to your web browser or hard drive of your computer according to your consent. We use various cookies in pursuit of different objectives. Cookies also help us to separate you from other internet webpage users, thus ensuring a more pleasant Website visiting experience and allows improving the Website.
Most of the web browsers allow rejecting all cookies, and some browsers have a possibility to reject only a part of the third party cookies. Therefore, you can use these possibilities. However, please notice that blocking all cookies would have a negative effect on the use of the webpage and you will not be able to use all of the services, offered on the Website, without cookies.
We use the cookies described as follows, you will find a detailed list in the table below:
(a) Absolutely necessary cookies
These cookies are needed for the operation of the Website. The basis of the data managed by such cookies is the proper execution of the agreement whenever the Client uses the Website, and TIKETA ensuring the quality and safety of the visit. They can be cookies, which, for example, allow the Client to connect and proceed to the protected Website areas, use the shopping cart function or other services.
(b) Analytical and (or) performance cookies
These cookies allow TIKETA to recognize and count Website visitors and to observe how the visitors move around the Website when using it. This helps TIKETA to improve the functionality of its Website, i.e. to ensure that users could easily find what they are searching for. The basis of the data management by such cookies is the consent of the Client.
(c) Functional cookies
These cookies are used to recognize the Clients when they come back to the Website. This allows TIKETA to provide content adapted to the needs of the Client and to remember information, which is actual to the Client. The basis of the data management by such cookies is the consent of the Client.

Change cookie settings


Cookie name

Data management purpose

Creation moment

Expiration time

Used data cookie


User session ID

Entering the Website

Until the browser is closed or 20 minutes of not browsing the Website

Randomly generated number cookie


Allows to identify if the user agrees with the privacy policy and chosen cookies

By clicking I agree to the Privacy policy

365 days

{0,1} cookie

xxx - numver

Allows identifying if the user has seen the starting advertisement window at TIKETA, so that it would not be shown repeatedly.

After the closing of landing page

1 day


The cookies provided above are intended to transfer information via electronic communication networks.

The second type of Cookies are cookies used to collect information for the calculation of Website traffic (number of visits, etc.), provide content relevant to the interests of the Clients and record visiting history. The Company does not use this type of cookies; however, it wants to draw the attention of Clients that some of the Company’s partners might use this type of cookies, therefore, the Client, suspicious that cookies of this kind are used without his consent, should address the specific partner of the Company.


Cookie description

More information

Tawk. to cookie, used for the functionality of real-time conversations cookies are used for user registration and log in functions.

Google Analytics

Uses information about users behavior within the websit, marketing companies effectiveness and the website visitors devices data.
The result is statistical and does not identify the private details of the Website visitors.

Cookies are used for user registration and log in functions by using Google account

Uses information about users behavior within the websit, marketing companies effectiveness and the website visitors devices data.
The result is statistical and does not identify the private details of the Website visitors.

A cookie used to ensure stable operation of Facebook services.

Collects IP addresses and technical users devices data.
The result is statistical and does not identify the private details of the Website visitors.
This tool is not used constantly so the cookies are not colled constantly too.

7.2. Third party services
(a) Each time the Client visits the Website, TIKETA collects information regarding how the Client has used the webpage with the help of third party software “Google Analytics”. For example, the Clients actions at the Website are recorded and his behavior model is determined. This service is used in order to determine how many people visit the Website and its various parts. Collected information helps to understand how the Website is operating and how TIKETA could improve it. TIKETA does not determine the Client’s personal identity and does not allow “Google Analytics” to do so either. This information regarding your browsing can be provided to other third parties, which are working with the optimization of our Website. All of the parties are specified in 7.1.
(b) The Website provides “YouTube” webpage video records. The service provider “YouTube controls all of the information, collected when the persons are watching the content belonging to it. Service provider’s “YouTube” privacy policy is provided at
(c) Some video information, the link to which is provided at the Website, is positioned with the help of “Vimeo” services. Service provider “Vimeo” privacy policy is provided at
(d) Neofinance Ltd. is one of the methods of payment used to pay for the services provided by TIKETA. User personal data is provided to the service provider only if there is an error in the payment process in order to contact the user and resolve the situation. The service provider's privacy policy is available at

8. Social media
All of the information you provide us in social media (including messages, the use of “Like” and “Follow” fields, as well as other communication), is controlled by the manager of the social network.
The Website contains hyperlinks to our accounts at social media. Currently, we have accounts in the following social networks:
(a) “Facebook” network, with its privacy message is available at;
(b) “Instagram” network, with its privacy message is available at;
(c) “YouTube” network, with its privacy message is available at
(d) “LinkedIn” network, with its privacy message is available at
We recommend you to read the privacy messages of third parties and directly address the service providers if you have any questions related to their use of your personal data.

9. Participation in events, the tickets to which are distributed by TIKETA
At your consent, the fact of your participation, your name, surname and picture will be used while informing the public regarding the events, the tickets for which are distributed by TIKETA. Your pictures, taken during the events, the tickets for which are distributed by TIKETA, can be published in the social media accounts of the event organizers, arenas and (or) other event locations and internet websites, according to your consent. TIKETA is not held responsible for the actions of the organizers, arenas and (or) other locations used for event organization.
Media representatives can publish your pictures only in accordance with the requirements of the laws applicable to them, however, TIKETA is hot held responsible for the actions of the representatives of the media.
The photos will be published and kept for 5 years after the event, unless laws provide exceptions.

10. Participation in selection process
We collect and manage your curriculum vitae (hereinafter – CV) and/or motivational letter and/or other information, provided by you during your participation in the employment selection process according to your consent, which you provide to us or the company, providing employment services, by sending your CV.
If you do not provide your CV and/or motivational letter, we will not be able to assess your suitability for the offered position.
In case you do not provide your separate consent for the management of your data after the end of the employment selection process, we oblige to delete and/or destroy your personal data in 5 working days after we sign an employment agreement with the chosen candidate.

11. Participation in TIKETA actions and filmings.
TIKETA organizes actions and filmings and uses recorded video, audio and photo materials for the means of sales promotion in various public information measures (television, radio, social media networks), internet and other public channels. With your concern, this material, recorded at the TIKETA actions and filmings, as well as your name and surname, will be used by us for 5 years to promote TIKETA sales.

12. Disclosure of data
We can disclose information regarding you to our employees, managers, intermediaries, service suppliers or sub-contractors (in which case Tiketa acts as data controller) as well as to the event organizers (in which case Tiketa acts as data processor), if it is reasonably needed for the objectives, specified in this Privacy policy. In certain cases, with a legal basis, we may transfer your data to Piletilevi AS and / or its subsidiaries (eg UAB Nacionalinis bilietų platintojas). Such cases could be, for example, the supervision of the group companies by Piletilevi, the implementation of the standards set by Piletilevi, and so on.
Additionally, we can disclose your information:

  • If we have to do this according to the law;
  • In order to defend our rights or interests (including the provision of your personal data to third parties in order to recover your debts to us);
  • In order to sale TIKETA activities or a part of its property, revealing your personal data to the potential purchaser of the activity or its part;
  • When the TIKETA activity, or an essential part of it, is sold to third parties.

Your personal data will not be transferred to a third party state and (or) international organization, which are in countries that do not provide an adequate level of data protection.
We do not provide your personal data to any third parties, with the exclusion of cases, specified in this Privacy policy.
The list of recipients or categories of recipients, specified in the Privacy policy can be changed, therefore, if you wish to be informed regarding the changes in the list (category) of recipients of your personal data, please inform us via email, at:, by specifying “I desire to receive information regarding the changes in the list (category) of the recipients of my personal data. Name, surname”.

13. Third party material and third party Websites
Our Website and our App can contain third party advertising. Such third parties are exclusively responsible for the content of such advertising and are obliged to ensure its compliance will all of the applied laws and regulatory legal acts.
You can visit third party Websites at your own risk. We accept no direct or indirect responsibility for the content publicized there, the correctness of information, provided opinion or the quality of third party offered goods and services.
Our informational materials can contain information, the source of which are third party Websites. Materials, taken from the third party website, will be correspondingly marked. Additionally, a hyperlink to the initial website can be provided. We do not accept any responsibility neither for the materials, published at the third party Website, to which the Client is redirected for more information about the event, nor for the personal data, used by such a third party.

14. Your personal data security
Your personal data will be managed according to the General data protection regulation, the Law on the legal protection of personal data of the Republic of Lithuania and requirements set out in other legal acts. By managing your personal data, we employ organizational and technical measures, which ensure the protection of personal data from voluntary or illegal destruction, change, disclosure, as well as any other unlawful management.

15. Your rights
This section provides information regarding the rights you have, related to the personal data management executed by us and cases, whenever you can use such rights. If you want to receive more information regarding your rights or to exercise rights, please contact us by the following e-mail address:

15.1. The right to withdraw consent
In case you have provided us with a consent for the management of your personal data, you are allowed to withdraw such a consent at any time, by notifying us via e-mail, at: TIKETA will provide you with information regarding the actions taken after the receipt of your request regarding the implementation of your rights without any unreasonable delay, but not later than in 1 month from the receipt of such a request. Depending on the complexity and the numbers of the requests, the above-mentioned term can be prolonged for 2 additional months, but in such a case, we will inform you in 1 month from the receipt of your request regarding such prolongation of the term and its cause.

15.2. The right to access your personal data
We strive to make you fully understand how we use your personal data, so that it would not cause any inconvenience to you. You can contact us any time and ask us if we are managing any of your personal data. If we keep or use your personal data in any way, you have the right to access such data. In order to do so, provide us with a written request and please adhere to the principles of honesty and reasonableness.

15.3. The right to request more information
We hope that you will understand that it is very hard to discuss all of the possible ways to collect and use personal data. We strive to provide you with the most clear and comprehensive information and oblige to update this Privacy policy in case the personal data use process changes. However, in case you have any questions regarding the use of your personal data, we would be happy to answer them for you or provide all additional information, which we can disclose. If you have any specific questions or did not understand the information we have provided, please contact us.

15.4. Additional rights
Bellow we provide information regarding your additional rights, which you can implement according to the order below:
(a) You have the right to request us to correct any inconsistencies in recorded data. In such a case, we can ask of you to confirm the corrected information.
(b) You have the right to request that we delete your personal data. Please take notice, that such a request can be implemented only, if:

  • Your personal data is not needed for the implementation of purposes they were collected for (i.e. we need your personal data so that we could reply to your letters);
  • The collection, safe keeping and use of personal data is prohibited to us by laws;
  • Your personal data is not needed in order to determine, implement or protect a legal demand (claim), i.e. in a court process.

(c) You have the right to request us to limit the management of your personal data or to refrain from managing it:

  • During a period required to make sure that your personal data is accurate when you are providing claims regarding the data accuracy;
  • Whenever our collection, safe keeping or use of your personal data is unlawful, but you decided not to request to delete your data;
  • Whenever your personal data is not needed by us, however you need them so you could determine, implement or defend a legal claim;
  • During a period required to determine if we have a more important legal substantiation to continue to manage your personal data, if you have used your right for objection regarding the management of your personal data.

(d) You have the right to transfer the data we have received from you at your consent or in order to conclude an agreement. In case you execute such a right, we will transfer a copy of your provided documents at your request.
(e) You have the right to object our use of your personal data:

  • Whenever we use such data in order to ensure our legal interests, however, we do not have a more important legal substantiation to continue using your personal data; or
  • At any time, when we use your personal data to send newsletters or for direct marketing reasons. In such a case the data will not be used for those purposes, however it could be used for other legal purposes.

16. Complaints
If you believe that your rights, as a subject of personal data, are and (or) can be violated, please immediately contact us and send a complaint via e-mail at We undertake to contact you after a substantiated period and inform you regarding the course of the complaint examination after we have received it, and afterwards, inform you regarding of the result of such an examination.
In case you will not be satisfied with the results of the investigation, you will be able to file a complaint with the supervising institution – the State data protection inspectorate.

17. Responsibility
You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and provided data, as well as for any actions (data transfer, provided orders, etc.), which are concluded at our Website and (or) our App, by connecting with the use of your authorization data. You cannot disclose your password to third persons. In case the services, provided at our Website and (or) App, are used by a third person, who has connected to the Website and (or) app with the use of your connection data, we hold it that it was you who was connected. In case you lose your connection data, you are obliged to immediately inform us by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail and immediately change the password.
You are responsible for the correctness, rightness and comprehensiveness of the data you provide us. In case the data you provided changes, you have to immediately inform us of that by changing corresponding data in the registration form, or, if the data is not specified in the registration form, by informing us about the situation via e-mail. In any case, we shall not be held liable for the damage you suffered due to wrong or inconsistent personal data you have provided us or your failure to inform us regarding the change of your personal data.

18. Changes in privacy policy
We can update and change this Privacy policy at any time. Such updated or changed Privacy policy will come into legal force from the day it is published at our Website and (or) App. You will have to check it from time to time and make sure that you find the current version of the Privacy policy acceptable.
After the Privacy policy is updated, we will inform you regarding the essential changes according to us by publishing them on the Website and (or) App. In case you connect to the Website and (or) App after the announcement of such a message, you agree with the new requirements, specified in the update. The bottom part of the Privacy policy provides the “Update date”, which shows when the Privacy policy has been updated for the last time.
The last update of the Privacy Policy was made on 01-04-2022.





1.1. The purpose of these Service Provisions Rules of private limited liability company „Nacionalinis bilietų platintojas“ and his brand TIKETA (hereinafter – the Rules) – to regulate provision of services in private limited liability company „Nacionalinis bilietų platintojas“, code of legal person 302598528 (hereinafter – the Company), in its business places (hereinafter such business places shall be referred to as “Business Places”), in the website which is controlled and managed by the Company (hereinafter – Website) seeking to assure observance and implementation of Republic of Lithuania Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette 1994, No. 94-1833; 2007, No. 12-488), the 25-06-2008 Regulation No. 623 “Regarding approval of rules of sport, culture and entertainment services and information of consumers when providing such services” of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette 03-07-2008, No.75-2945) other laws and legal regulations establishing protection of consumers’ rights.

1.2. The main services rendered by the Company include without limitation distribution services of tickets, gift certificates, subscriptions, discount cards as well as all other services, which are rendered or may be rendered in the future by the Company (hereinafter – the Services).

1.3. The Services of the Company shall be rendered following these Rules, other documents of the Company and also requirements of legal regulations which are applicable to the Company. All persons, i.e. natural as well as legal persons (hereinafter – the persons) who use the services rendered by the Company either at Business Places of the Company or at Company’s Website as well as at any Service provision place shall have to acquaint themselves with these Rules. Provisions of these Rules providing for obligations of the persons shall be applicable and mandatory to legal persons, whereas provisions providing for rights of natural persons shall be applicable to legal persons at the Company's choice and discretion only by notifying about this publicly in internet Website or in any other way selected by the Company and also in cases when the Company and a specific legal persons have agreed in writing with respect to this separately.

1.4. By receiving, ordering or using the Services and resources of the Company, the persons confirm that they acquainted themselves with these Rules and undertake to observe them. If a person is not acquainted with these Rules, the Company shall be entitled to refuse provision of Services.

1.5. These Rules shall constitute an inseparable part of contract which is entered by the persons when using the Services of the Company.

1.6. The Company shall reserve the right to amend these Rules at any time and such amendments shall become valid from the date of their publication in Company’s internet Website The persons are advised always to acquaint themselves with the newest version of these Rules.



2.1. As the Company sells tickets, subscriptions, gift vouchers(gift vouchers are considered to be coupons giving the Holder the right to receive various types of services/goods), discount cards, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Tickets”), for services provided by other persons, the Company does not set prices for the services provided by other persons or the conditions of the service provision, nor does it allocate the venues, time of the events/provision of services and any other criteria describing such services, and is not liable for the quality, content and guarantees of such services.

2.2. The Company emphasizes that it shall not be liable and shall not be entitled to establish provision conditions of services the rights to use which is granted by the tickets the Company distributes. Also the Company shall not be liable for particularity and comprehensiveness of service provision conditions. Provision conditions are established and the Company is notified about them by the parties rendering such services at their own discretion. Such conditions shall be mandatory for a person who purchased the ticket. Information about provision conditions of services the rights to use which is granted by the tickets shall be presented in business places, in website and by directly addressing to the Company. If this information is not available in aforementioned places, it may be obtained by addressing the respective service provider.

2.3. The persons when acquiring tickets together agree with all ticket use conditions that are mandatory and applicable to persons who have acquired tickets. The Company and/or service provider may apply sanctions to persons who do not observe tickets use conditions.

2.4. The Company shall provide all public information it possesses to all persons who address it directly. The established fees or phone call tariffs may be charged for specific information provision mean, for instance, provision of information by telephone. The persons may find information on fees (tariffs) which are applicable for information provision means in the website or by addressing the Company directly.

2.5. Tickets may be sold in the business places, including website. The Company shall assure to all persons uniform conditions to purchase tickets, thus at the moment of purchase free seats are selected by automatic system. This clause does not limit Company's right to allocate seats for persons not through automatic system in accordance with special commercial orders / offers or in other cases.

2.6. Tickets for persons are issued (generated) only after the full ticket price and additional fees applicable to tickets have been paid. Information on prices of tickets, additional fees applicable to them, settlement conditions shall be presented in business places, website or by addressing the Company directly.

2.7. Seeking to satisfy different needs of different persons the Company shall be entitled to make possibilities for the persons to pay for the Services at business places of the Company by cash, payment cards or pay for the Services through Company’s website by using services of electronic banking or ordering advance invoice for payment and by paying it. Information on whether it is possible to pay by payment cards and what system cards are accepted (for instance, "VISA", "MASTERCARD") as a methods of payment for the Services, shall be provided at the Service provision time and may differ. Payment methods may be limited due to technical interferences or when other important circumstances are present.

2.8. Seeking to assure qualitative and suitable provision of Services, protection of personal data and personal identification, the Company shall be entitled to request registration of persons who wish to use the possibility to pay for the tickets through the website by filling an electronic registration form. The Company shall be entitled, however not obligated, to make a possibility for the persons to register in the Website by filling a written registration form. The Company shall notify about such possibility separately. Persons who have registered in the Company’s website shall have to comply with all website use instructions and requirements established by the Company and in case of failure to comply with such instructions and requirements, the Company shall be entitled to cancel registration of such persons.

2.9. Service orders in the website shall be processed only after contact and financial information has been verified. If the persons provide incorrect information, the Company may cancel order and/or registration of the person who provided incorrect information or apply other sanctions as set forth in Article 4.

2.10. The Company shall be entitled, however not obligated, to make a possibility for the persons to reserve tickets. Information on ticket reservation service, terms and conditions of such service provision and information whether this service is being provided shall be published in the Company’s website, in the business places or by directly addressing the Company with respect to provision of such information.

2.11. For persons purchasing / making reservation in the website the Company may establish ticket limit which may not be exceeded. For exceeding ticket order limit the person may be liable as set forth in Article 4 of these rules.

2.12. The Company shall be entitled, however not obligated, to provide a possibility for the persons to choose different ticket delivery ways. Information on possible ticket delivery ways, terms and conditions of such services provision and information whether this services is being provided shall be published in Company’s website, in the business places or by directly addressing the Company with respect to provision of such information.

2.13. Services at the business places shall be provided in accordance with these rules, other documents of the Company and requirements of valid legal regulations which are applicable for provision of such services.

2.14. The Company shall be entitled to establish additional and/or other terms and conditions of Service provision, even though not established herein, by informing about that publicly in the website or in any other way selected by the Company.

2.15. Due to technical difficulties or in case of other circumstances provision of Company’s services may be suspended or terminated. The Company shall be also entitles to suspend and / or terminate provision of Services with respect to a specific person, if this person violates these rules, other instructions and conditions established by the Company, acts in criminal manner or his/her actions contradicts public order or good morals.

2.16. The Company shall not be liable for Service provision interruptions which occur not because of the fault of the Company and / or damage incurred by the persons as well as the third parties.



3.1. Rights and obligations of the Company:

3.1.1. The Company shall have to provide the Services properly and in time to all persons who address it and comply with the requirements of the Rules.

3.1.2. The Company shall have to communicate and cooperate properly with all the persons who address it.

3.1.3. The Company shall be entitled to refuse to provide the Services in cases stipulated in these Rules as well as in legal regulations.

3.1.4. The Company shall also have other rights and obligations set forth in laws and these Rules and may exercise them without any limitations.

3.2. Rights and obligations of the Persons:

3.2.1. The Persons shall be obliged to: and in time make settlements with the Company for the Services provided by the Company; from violating and follow these Rules, other conditions and regulations publicly disclosed by the Company, legal orders of the Company and requirements of applicable legal regulations; from offending and discriminating other persons, humiliating dignity of other persons as well as to refrain from violating rights and lawful interests of the Company; providing data to the Company to be liable for data correctness, comprehensiveness and conformity to reality and undertake all related consequences for failure to observe such requirements; and execute obligations established by the applicable legal regulations for persons as consumers.

3.2.2. The Persons shall be entitled to: all the Services provided by the Company by following requirements of these Rules as well as instructions of the Company; receive from the Company publicly disclosed information which is possessed by the Company; use other rights provided by the applicable legal regulations for persons as consumers.



4.1. The measures set forth in clause 4.2. and its sub-clauses may be used by the Company for persons who have violated requirements of such Rules.

4.2. In cases provided for in these Rules, the Company shall be entitled without a separate notice at its choice to use one or several measures set forth in sub-clauses thereof:

4.2.1. deny provision of Services;

4.2.2. cancel personal order of Tickets or Tickets;

4.2.3. address judiciary or other competent institutions and transfer to them personal data as well as other related information;

4.2.4. suspend or cancel for unlimited time a right of a person to access the website;

4.2.5. to cancel registration of a person in the Website;

4.2.6. to undertake any other lawful measures.

4.3. In cases provided by these Rules the Company if it undertook measures set forth in these Rules due to actions (inactions) of the person shall not reimburse direct and/or indirect losses of a person who violated requirements of the Rules and legal regulations as well of persons directly related to it.



5.1. Ticket purchase procedure shall be regulated by section 2 of these rules “Terms and Conditions of Service Provision”.

5.2. Service providing parties for receipt the services of which the Company distributes tickets, prohibit the Company to change tickets or return money in case the ticket is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, when a person due to any reasons refuse to use the services for which the ticket was purchased and that happened not due to the circumstances set forth in clause 5.4. hereof, also in other cases determined by the parties provided such services. The Company shall not replace damaged, torn or broken tickets. In case of claims regarding circumstances indicated in this clause the persons shall have to address the parties providing such services for the receipt of services of which the Company distributes tickets.

5.3. The persons before purchasing tickets must evaluate all circumstances of event to which he/she purchases the ticket, including date, time, place and other circumstances of an event and also to acquaint with all ticket purchase and event happing information which is important for them. Due to this reason and also because sale of tickets to event is related to planning of income to be received from event, its distribution, ordering of additional services, allocation of event seats, their amount and etc., the purchased tickets shall be changed only in the exceptional cases. If technical and factual possibilities are present and after receipt of consent of service provider, for receipt of services of which the Company distributes the tickets, the Company shall be entitled to change tickets with other tickets for the same event. In such case terms and conditions of ticket change shall be established by the Company separately by publishing then in the website on in other way acceptable to the Company. The persons, to whom the tickets shall be changed, must pay to the Company a difference between ticket price and taxes applicable to it. In any case, the tickets may be changed only before the beginning of event to which they have been sold. If there is a possibility to change tickets, such option shall have to be indicated in website by establishing terms and conditions of ticket change also. It shall be considered that in case there is no information on ticket change terms and conditions to a specific event, tickets to such event shall not be changed.

5.4 In the event that the service provider (Organiser) has cancelled the provision of the services or otherwise informed that the services provided by it will not be provided, or has changed the date, location or other relevant criteria of the services, the persons for the purpose of obtaining a refund and/or compensation of damages shall contact the person providing such services (Organiser), who is liable for the occurrence of such damages and/or compensation of the money. The tickets distributed by the Company shall indicate the relevant service provider to whom persons should contact for refunds and compensation.

5.5 In the event that the service provider (the Organiser) has agreed to the return of the tickets to the Company, the Company may also refund the tickets. In this case, persons may return the tickets to the Company at the points of distribution at which they purchased the tickets or at the points of distribution indicated by the Company. In any event, in the event of cancellation of services and/or changes to the terms and conditions of their provision, in order to obtain a refund, including a refund of any additional fees paid at the time of purchase, in the event that the Company does not refund these fees when refunding the tickets, individuals must contact the relevant service providers (the Organiser).

5.6 Electronic tickets purchased on the website shall be refunded after the person has logged on to the website and followed the instructions on the website.

5.7 The Company shall have the right, but not the obligation, to allow persons to return tickets at different points of distribution. Persons must contact the Company directly to enquire about the possibility of returning Tickets at different points of distribution.

5.8 If the amount paid for a ticket or booking is too low, regardless of the reasons why this is the case, the Company shall be entitled to refuse to provide the Services, cancel the ticket or booking, and refund the amount paid by the person. If the ticket or booking is overpaid, the Company shall, at the request of the person, refund to the person the amount of money paid in excess of the amount required to be paid. In the event that the person has provided the Company with his/her bank and account details, the Company shall be entitled to refund the amount to the person without being requested to do so.

5.9 If the Purchaser has lost, destroyed, damaged or otherwise misplaced the purchased season ticket or ticket, the Purchaser shall have the opportunity (with the permission of the Event Organiser) to reprint the season ticket and/or ticket for an additional fee as set by TIKETA, the amount of which may be obtained from the Purchaser's contacts at the TIKETA's contacts, as well as at the Box Office.

5.10.Money for Tickets is non-refundable, except as provided in 5.12 in the event of cancellation by the Buyer.

5.11. The Company notes that persons who have purchased Tickets remotely, in accordance with Article 6.22810 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, have the right to withdraw from the distance contract (i.e. the Ticket purchase contract) within 14 (fourteen) days, unless the Ticket has been purchased for the following services:

  • leisure services, where a specific date or period of time has been fixed for the provision of the services;
  • event tickets;
  • cinema tickets;
  • discounts;
  • periodical publications;
  • digital content services;
  • accommodation;
  • transport of goods;
  • car rental;
  • catering;
  • etc. in the cases provided for in Article 6.22810 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

5.12. You may withdraw from the purchase of tickets and receive a refund within 14 days from the date of purchase of the tickets by completing the withdrawal (voucher return) form, which can be found here. The completed cancellation/voucher return form can be submitted to The ticket purchase contract cannot be cancelled if the service has already been provided. Cancellation within 14 days of purchase is not valid for the cases listed in point 5.11.

5.13. Only the person who paid for the Tickets may request a refund.

5.14. Refunds shall be made no later than 15 days after receipt of the request. Refunds shall be made to the bank account from which payment was made when the Vouchers were purchased.



6.1. The Company shall not establish and shall not be liable for terms and conditions and / or procedure of ticket validity suspension and validity renewal because such procedure and / or terms and conditions are established by the parties providing respective services the rights to use which are granted by the tickets which are distributed by the Company. Taking into consideration that the Company shall sell tickets to services which are being rendered by the other parties, the Company shall not also determine prices of such services as well as terms and conditions of their provision and shall not be liable for quality of such services, their content and shall not provide any guarantees with respect to such services.

6.2. The Company in the website or in other form acceptable to the Company shall notify persons about terms and conditions as well as procedure of ticket validity suspension and validity renewal when it has a possibility and only when/if the parties providing respective services the tickets for which were sold by the Company informed the Company about that.

6.3. In case the person providing services canceled service provision or informed otherwise, that the services it provides shall not be rendered or date, place or other significant service provision criteria have been changed and ticket validity is being suspended, the persons with respect to money return and / or damage compensation shall have to address the person rendering such services that shall be liable for occurrence of such damages, compensation of damage or return of money. Tickets distributed by the Company a respective service provider may indicate to which the persons may address regarding return of money and/or damage compensation.

6.4. Validity of tickets may be suspended in other cases provided for these rules.



7.1. Website content and software shall be under the ownership of the Company and / or its partners that is protected by the applicable laws. The persons when using the website must not violate rights and lawful interests of the Company and use the website by following requirements of legal regulations, rules set forth in the website, prohibitions, instructions and any other lawful requirements of the Company.

7.2. The persons shall be prohibited from distribution, exchange, illegal copying, printing and other illegal use of information provided for in the website of the Company without written permission of the Company.

7.3. The persons shall not be entitled to counterfeit tickets, to copy them and also use tickets or to purchase them in any other illegal way. The persons shall not be entitled to sell tickets without coordinating this with the Company. All copyrights of design and content shall be under the ownership of Company and its partners.

7.4. Limitations, prohibitions, requirements and rules applied in theses rules, Company's website or other materials which are published by the Company shall be applicable to the persons.



8.1. The persons before receiving/ordering the Services should each time to comprehensively acquaint themselves with Service provision conditions, price of ticket and Service, to get it clear limitations established by the tickets which grant the right to use the services of the party providing such services, and/or other service provision criteria. In case of uncertainties, the persons must ask the Company for additional information.

8.2. When ordering services in the internet website, persons must be sure that they are looking for the tickets and/or place orders using one browser window only. If persons are looking for tickets using several browser windows, they may loose their tickets or log-in to website time of such person may expire. Due to this reason ticket ordering - purchasing procedure may be disconnected. Persons who are use website are to be forbidden:

8.2.1. without written consent of the Company to use any equipment, programs or software seeking to copy content of the website or seeking any other illegal actions;

8.2.2. to use any equipment, programs or software in order to proceed ticket orders or publish them in the Company's website;

8.2.3. to use any equipment, programs or software, which may interfere with proper operation of the website;

8.2.4. to perform any actions, which might cause irrational or excessive load for website;

8.2.5. to log on, to restart or “update” website pages or provide other requests to servers more than once per 3 seconds interval.

8.3. Persons shall use website on their own risk. The persons shall be responsible themselves for confidentiality of their password and/or key word, if they have any. The Company shall not guarantee and shall not be liable for the cases when during website use the persons experience any interferences or problems.

8.4. In all cases when receiving / applying for / ordering the Services, the person shall have to act reasonably, fairly and cautiously by providing to the Company only correct information and figuring out all circumstances which are important to him at this moment and learning all information necessary for him.



9.1. All persons who have legal and in certain cases technical possibilities (internet, telephone and etc.) to enter into such contracts, i.e. the persons who have complete legal capacity or limited (incomplete) capacity, however are capable to enter into a contract of such kind, may purchase the Tickets and use Services provided by the Company.

9.2. In respect that the Company distributes the tickets which grant the right to the services provided by the third parties, conditions of provision of such services are established and given to the Company by the parties providing such services. Due to this reason Service provision conditions may differ for certain persons. The Company shall not be liable and entitled to establish conditions of provision of services the right to use which is given by the tickets distributed by the Company. Information on conditions of provision of services which may be used by the persons who purchased the tickets shall be presented in distribution points, website or by applying to the Company directly.

9.3. Service provision conditions may also differ due to other circumstances (for instance price of tickets sold to different groups of people (retired people, students and etc.), ticket price depending on amount of tickets being purchased and advance purchase, also additional charges and their amount depending on those reasons and etc.), however the Company when applying different Service provision conditions must not violate requirements of legal regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

9.4. Different Service provision conditions may also originate given the conditions established in these Rules.



10.1. All additional charges (maintenance, reservation, arena and etc.) which are allocated for one ticket as well as their amounts shall be indicated in the business places of the Company, its website, in other information which is publicly presented by the Company or may be known by addressing the Company directly.

10.2. The Company shall also be entitled to charge onetime fee of an established amount for registration at Company’s website. Amount of registration fee shall be indicated upon registration in the website or in certain cases a person shall be informed about its amount directly (for instance when filling written registration form) or by notifying in other form acceptable to the Company.

10.3. In case a person makes ticket reservation, then the tickets may be charged with a reservation fee. If the Company organizes a possibility to receive tickets in a manner of delivery, the tickets may be charged with a delivery fee.

10.4. The Company shall also be entitled to provide any other additional paid services and collect other fees for the services the provision of which is charged by taxes. Before receiving such services, a person shall be notified about additional charging of the respective service and / or tax applicable for service provision and its amount.

10.5. If tickets are subject to certain discounts, they apply only to the price of the ticket itself, excluding additional fees. Discounts do not apply to additional ticket fees.



11.1. The Company shall be entitled to decide to provide some Services with discount or free of charge. All information about the Services to which discount is applicable, which are provided in addition to the main services or free of charge shall be indicated in business places, website, by addressing the Company directly or published in other form acceptable to the Company.

11.2. By the initiative of the Company the persons shall be entitled free of charge to acquaint themselves with the information provided in the website and also to receive useful information which is presented by the Company (advertisement, information notices and etc.).



12.1. The Company shall not provide any guarantees for the Services it renders except when guarantees are obligatory and applicable to provision of respective Services in accordance with provisions of effective legal regulations. In such case the guarantee shall be provided in a minimum permissible scope established in the legal regulations, except for the cases when the Company indicates explicitly that the guarantee for the respective Services shall be provided in other (larger than permissible minimum) scope.

12.2. The Company shall not be liable for comprehensiveness and completeness of information provided in the website or business places. Usually the Company in the website and business places provides information which is submitted to it by the parties rendering such services. Persons who are looking for more comprehensive or additional information may address the Company directly, however the latter shall provide the more comprehensive information, in case it is not known by the Company at the time of person’s request, only after communicating with parties rendering such services, or direct such addressing persons to communicate directly with parties rendering the services.

12.3. All disputes with the Company shall be resolved in a way of negotiations. In case of failure to resolve the arisen disputes in negotiations, irrespective of possible contradictions of provisions of applicable laws, they shall be resolved in accordance with applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania and in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania only.

12.4. The institution resolving consumer claims by extra-judicial order: State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, address Vilniaus g. 25, 01402 Vilnius,